About Us

Dorian Russell is a graduate student in environmental science (MS ‘18) with a bachelor’s degree encompassing environmental science, science communication, and science policy. Dorian has worked for multiple Federal agencies, nonprofits, and a lobbying firm. LinkedIn here. As an environmental scientist, Dorian has dedicated her research to protecting earth’s vibrant biodiversity through analyzing how habitat loss affects the genetic diversity of the endangered mantled howler monkey. This research provides evidence for conservation efforts encompassing a wide range of organisms that cohabitate rainforest habitats. Dorian is passionate about ensuring millions of years of evolutionary history for plants, animals, and fungi live to naturally compete another day.

Aspen Russell is a dual-degree student in women’s, gender, & sexuality studies and computer science. Yes, you read that right. Aspen has worked in both the tech industry in advanced equipment manufacturing and in nonprofit women’s advocacy. LinkedIn here. Aspen co-founded a nonprofit dedicated to researching and engineering solar-powered vehicles and spent two years in solar vehicle racing before changing careers to science policy and advocacy for diversity in science. As a sociologist focused in women’s studies, Aspen has dedicated his research to exposing gender-based bias in language and media communications. Aspen is passionate about dismantling historical and cultural barriers that perpetuate systems of power and privilege excluding marginalized groups.